Flycam 5000

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For videographers, it becomes very important that their shot is not shaky. Flycam 5000 is a precise camera stabilizer which helps you in getting the stable and smooth gliding movements with absolutely zero shakes. It allows you to make fast moves while following quick actions. Thus it is easy to operate and best for travel shooting, events, and video productions.



-  Camera carrying capacity: 5 kg/11lbs 

-  Flycam material: Aluminium 

-  Length extendable from 55cm to 73cm 

-  Camera plate dimensions: 17.9x12x2.6cm 

-  Flycam weight without weight disc: 1.4 kg 

-  counter weight quantity: 16pcs 

-  Per disc weight: 95gm 

-  No of Weight cups: - 4


-  Material: Polymide 66 

-  Color: Matt Black 

-  Dimensions: 136x74/98x55mm

-  Self Weight: 135g (0.30 lbs) 

-  Accepts both 1/4" or 3/8" mounting screw size 



Quality Construction Throughout

High-Grade Aluminum stabilizer is strong yet lightweight, offering you durable operation for years to come. It is compatible with wide range of cameras and has a weighing capacity of 5kg/11lb.


construction throughout



Stable Base for Camera

The Camera Base platform is compatible with almost all camera bases. It has an X & Y Balancing Adjustment which moves back to front, and side to side, quickly allow you to adjust the horizontal balance of the camera..

camera platform


Rotational Camera Control

Handle Grip is attached to a free floating, three axis Gimbal; this allows your hand to move up and down, and side-to-side freely. 

The gimbal has ball bearings which provide rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement.

camera control


Dynamic Balance

This stabilizer system contains 16 weight discs that help in maintaining the dynamic balance of the stabilizer.

dynamic balance

Vertical Balance

By changing the length of the no-tools telescoping central post, you adjust the camera's vertical balance.


vertical balance


Quick Release

A platform for quick mounting and dismounting the camera easily.


Table Clamp

Table clamp helps you to quickly balance your handheld stabilizer and also keeps you burden free from holding a stabilizer for long hours in between the shoots.

dynamic balance


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.