CAMTREE Lens Support

ราคา 790 บาท

ที่รองเลนส์ปรับความสูงได้สำหรับติดตั้งกับ Rod 15mm 

Camtree Lens Bracket support mount fits onto your DSLRs lens while providing  height adjustability. This bracket is designed to attach to cinema standard 15mm  rods. It slides along the rails to adjust and adapt to each individual lens for  maximum compatibility. It used to support heavy lenses on camera rigs, removing  the bulk of the weight and pressure from the camera lens mount. Engineered from  high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum, it features an adjustable height  bracket which can be used with a wide variety of lenses. The rail attachment and  height bracket system features thumb screws for tightening.


- Made of solid aluminum 

- Hard anodized in matte black finish

- Rod Clamp fit standard 15mm rods


 ขายที่รองเลนส์กล้อง DSLR CAMTREE Lens Support ราคา 1400 บาท

 ขายที่รองเลนส์กล้อง DSLR CAMTREE Lens Support ราคา 1400 บาท