Sennheiser ME 2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

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Sennheiser ME 2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone ไมค์ติดปกเสื้อคุณภาพสูงพร้อมที่ล็อคสาย สำหรับใช้ร่วมกับไมค์ไร้สาย Sennheiser ew 112p G3 / G4 ตอบสนองความถี่ 50 Hz - 18 kHz ให้เสียงที่คมชัด ตะแกรงกันลมในตัว สายยาว 1.6 เมตร พร้อมคลิปหนีบเสื้อ

 Sennheiser ME 2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone ไมค์ติดปกเสื้อใช้ร่วมกับไมค์ไวเลส ew112p G3 G4 ราคา 4800 บาท

The black Sennheiser ME 2 is a miniature professional lavalier microphone featuring a locking 3.5mm connector for Sennheiser transmitters and engineered for reliable, interference-resistant performance with wireless systems—making it a popular choice for presentations, interviews, broadcast work, and film/video applications.


With a speech-focused frequency response from 50 Hz to 18 kHz, the ME 2 filters out muddying lows and extreme highs to provide clear, intelligible results for instructors, journalists, and presenters in need of a solid workhorse lavalier they can depend on. The mic handles SPL levels up to 130 dB without distorting, while the omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from 360° around the capsule, helping to deliver consistent levels, even when the talent turns away from the capsule.


The ME 2 features a durable 5.2’ cable that provides ample room for movement and terminates in a locking 3.5mm connector wired for Sennheiser wireless transmitters. The electret condenser capsule requires 7.5V of power from your wireless transmitter, portable audio recorder, or similar compatible device. An integrated windscreen helps to reduce wind noise, and a lapel clip is included.


Locking 3.5mm Connector

Compatible Wireless Transmitters

Sennheiser: Works with Sennheiser transmitters equipped with a locking 3.5mm connector, including the following models: SK 100 G1, SK 100 G2, SK 100 G3, SK 100 G4, SK 1093, SK 20, SK 300 G1, SK 300 G2, SK 300 G3, SK 300 G4, SK 500 G1, SK 500 G2, SK 500 G3, SK 500 G4, SK AVX, SK D1, SK-XSW, SL Bodypack DW, EW-D SK, EW-DX SK, and XSW-D MINI JACK TX

Third-Party Devices: The ME 2 will work with many third-party wireless transmitters and portable audio recorders that are equipped to supply 7.5V through a locking 3.5mm connector with a Sennheiser wiring configuration.


Industry-Proven Performance

Headroom for Standard Vocal Applications

The ME 2 is designed to handle up to 130 dB SPL without distorting, providing headroom for broadcast-quality interviews, speech, and dialog.

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern

The forgiving omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from all around the mic and provides a consistent frequency response, even for off-axis sound. This helps to supply clear, intelligible speech and vocals, even when the talent isn't speaking directly toward the microphone.

Speech-Centered Frequency Response

With a frequency range from 50 Hz to 18 kHz, the ME 2 filters out unnecessary high and low frequencies for accurate and transparent speech reproduction.

Optimized for Wireless

The ME 2 has been engineered with an updated capsule and a more durable cable featuring a gold connector to better resist interference and provide a strong signal when used with wireless systems.



Form Factor: Lavalier

Sound Field: Mono

Capsule: Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

Pad: None

High-Pass Filter: None

Windscreen: Built-In


Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 18 kHz

Maximum SPL: 130 dB SPL

Sensitivity: 17 mV/Pa (1 kHz)

Equivalent Noise Level: 36 dB


Output Connectors: 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Male (Lockable, on Attached Cable)

Headphone Connector: None

Cable Length: 5.25' / 1.6 m


Operating Voltage: 7.5 V


Color: Black

Mounting: Alligator Clip (Included)

Packaging Info

Package Weight: 0.1 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)9 x 5.25 x 0.5"

 Sennheiser ME 2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone ไมค์ติดปกเสื้อใช้ร่วมกับไมค์ไวเลส ew112p G3 G4 ราคา 4800 บาท