PROAIM Swift Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track

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The Robust and Portable “Proaim Swift Camera Dolly with 12ft straight track is built for professional videographers and cinematographers who really want to enhance the fluid action in footages at an affordable price. It’s our high quality constructed Portable Camera Dolly with 3 wheel system which allows the camera and camera operator to move around very smoothly.


camera dolly track wheels


The Robust Railtrack comes in 4 sections and ensures steady movement for smooth shots. Precision built portable camera equipment for durability as well as ease of setup is the best choice for you to produce that key cinematic element to your video shoots. Makes your camera move with your vision!!


proaim swift dolly

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-  Solid Aluminium construction.
-  Accommodate all DV & HDV cameras, tripod.
-  Universal Heavy duty tripod dolly for cameras up to 159kg/350 lb.
-  Execute smooth camera tracking shots.
-  Easy and quick set up camera dolly track.
-  Ultimate camera wheel dolly equipment for creativity.
-  Affordable alternative to more conventional camera equipment.
-  Complete kit travels safely in its own custom fit protective storage case.
-  100% satisfaction Guarantee.




-  3 x Easy Glide Dolly Wheel Sets.
-  Dolly Rods -4 square sections.
-  28" gage, 1.25" - dia track compatibility.
-  Total weight capacity of video dolly - 159kg/350 lb.


-  Aluminium rails - Industrial grade plastic feet
-  28" track width center to center
-  Track rails are 1.25" in diameter
-  2 X Track Stoppers -28” width
-  Weight of track - 7kg / 15lbs
-  Weighing capacity - 400kg /882lbs



-  Swift Wheel Camera Dolly
-  12ft Straight Track
-  10 x Blue Wedges
-  10 x Black Wedges
-  Storage Bag



Proaim Swift Camera Wheel Dolly is solid build video production unit that enable to achieve smooth camera tracking and panning shots. You will be amazed at the professional results you will get. It is robust enough to support any camera rig without wobbling your set up.



Standard 12’ Long Straight Dolly Tracks are constructed from Aluminum with silver colour ultra-smooth running surface. The center to center distance between dolly tracks is 24.5". The tripod dolly track support other types of camera dollies providing their wheels match with our railtrack. We also provide two different types of wedges with track for using in smooth and uneven surfaces.

Extremely solid & rigid track configured in a straight run



dolly rods

For Smooth Surface

The Sturdy wedges lift the track slightly to ensure continuous smooth dolly moves

For Uneven Surface

Rugged wedges keep the track balanced on uneven and rocky surfaces