PROAIM DL-223 Spider Track Dolly Hybrid with Swivel and Slide Wheels

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tripod track dolly 

  • Easily attached to the tripod
  • Light weight Swivel Wheel Dolly
  • Easy to use with carrying handle
  • Durable locking system
  • Cost effective & Professional camera dolly track system
  • 6 easy set up and carry sections
  • Built in track feet for easy leveling

dolly tripod track 

Proaim offers extremely portable, seamless and flexible spider track dolly system for video & film from amateurs to professionals. It is an excellent tool for creating awesome depth of field movements. It will allow you to make all of your movies look and feel like Hollywood blockbusters . Capture smooth and dynamic video footage with a wide variety of tracking shots. 

The 2 inch wheels and a unique leg locking system make it extremely stable. Professional camera dolly track system can be packed and transported very easily. 

Proaim DL-223 Spider Track dolly Hybrid with Swivel and Slide Wheels stands out from others by providing the ultimate in versatility and value. 


  • Material : Aluminum Alloy & ABS
  • Extended Length : 884mm
  • Telescopic length : 430mm
  • Load : approximately 15 kg
  • Weight : about 1.580 grams


  • Ball Diameter : 2"/5cm

portable dolly 
Super-smooth 3-wheel for near friction-free movement 

dolly videos 
Industrial grade aluminum base can bear heaviest of equipment 

videos dolly 
A low-cost, modular alternative to more conventional camera equipment


Track dolly wheels are made for movement along a track, they have the most surface area in contact with the track surface possible.The Track dolly wheels made of very strong material. You can lock it while shooting in fixed positions or while assembling the dolly 

camera dolly system 
High reliability and operability for smooth shooting
Exclusive of Track

camera dolly track system


Our PROAIM DL-223 Spider Track Dolly Hybrid with Swivel and Slide Wheels comes in a Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles. 

video dolly track system 
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality 


track and dolly system 
Can be extended to a desired length 

tripod dolly track 
Easily converted from floor to on-track composition 

camera dolly tracks 
An invaluable device to capture smooth, dynamic video from any location
Exclusive of Camera Fluid Head, Track, jib,Tripod Stand