Flycam Galaxy Arm & Vest

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Stabilizer Arm and Vest


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-  Flycam Galaxy Steadycam Arm 
-  Flycam Galaxy Steadycam Vest 
-  Storage Case



Dual Spring Arm
-  CNC Machined Aluminum Constructed Arm
-  Arm's Weight - 2.3kg/5lbs 
-  Blue Spring Payload - 1-5kg/2.2-11lb
-  Red Spring Payload - 5-10kg/11-22lb
-   Weight Carrying capacity - 10kg/22lb

-  Material - Aluminum and fabric synthetic
-  Vest’s Weight - 2.1 kg/5lb 
-  Waist Size - 28” to 60”

Storage Bag
-  Dimensions: LxWxH 80cm x 27cm x 11.5cm 
-  Weight (With packing): 4.46 kg/9.8 lb


Comfortable Vest

The lightweight & foam padded Vest plays a significant role in eliminating the stress on arms due to holding the handheld stabilizer for long hours.


galaxy vest


1) Universal Fit 
The vest fits easily on all body types as it features height adjustment & Velcro straps. Height can be adjusted by simply pulling the pin given at chest plate and you can loosen or tighten the vest for a comfortable fit by adjusting the Velcro straps.


2) Sturdy Connector
The arm fits easily & securely into a solid aluminum connector that keeps the camera set up safe.


3) Comfortable & Easy to wear
The vest is made of soft & comfortable fabric and is padded with specially chosen foam so that you can wear it during long hours of shooting. Push-fit buckles make it easy to wear.


Shock Absorbing Arm

The Shock Absorbing Comfort Arm is what lets you capture completely smooth and gentle movements. The dual spring present in the arm isolates any body movement from the camera to capture shots with precise and elegant control. Dual spring arm also allows you to take a wide range of motion.


galaxy arm


1. Changeable Spring
You will get two springs with coloured caps. The blue one will be used for camera setup of 1-5kg/2.2-11lb & the red one will be for 5-10kg/11-22lb.


2. Tension Adjustment Knob
Just turn the knob & you can easily adjust the tension of the spring depending upon the weight of the setup.


Handheld camera stabilizer

Ergonomically designed for hours of shooting without undue fatigue

Lightweight Camera Steadycam

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.