PROAIM BMP40 R Blimp Mic Windshield

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PROAIM Blimp BMP40R แคปซูลครอบไมค์ช็อตกันพร้อมด้ามจับและกันสั่นในตัว ขนแมวกันลมอย่างดี สำหรับไมค์ความยาวไม่เกิน 40 ซม.


Audio Recording Accessories

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Video is for demonstration only
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- Rugged yet lightweight modular construction
- Entire Mic Zeppelin and microphone suspension system disassembles
- Easy to set up - easier to use
- Best when used for outdoor applications
- 12 shock absorber/3 support ring - microphone suspension
- Boom pole adapter set



- 40cm Blimp windshield with microphone suspension and handle

- Bonus 6 pc. Boom Pole Adapter Set

- 40cm Synthetic Fur Cover


- 6pc Mic Holders



- ABS constructed Pistol Grip handle with XLR cable connection

- Accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and 38cm in length

- 40cm synthetic fur cover for additional audio control


- 15mm to 25mm 6 pc mic holders


40cm R Blimp

Microphone Blimps, or Mic Zeppelin as they are sometimes called, are windscreens that surround microphones with the purpose of reducing wind noise when recording audio at outdoor locations. The Blimp attaches to any standard boom pole with the 3/8"-16 thread at the base.

Mic Accessories

Shock Absorbing Mic Mount

The blimp has shock absorbing mounts which prevent any vibration from reaching the mic.


Blimp for Boom Pole

The integrated shockmount and foam windscreen minimize handling and wind noise to
keep your recordings crystal clear


Designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions.

Zeppelin Microphone Blimp

Eliminates windy noises thereby providing pristine audio recordings

Note : Inner Color may vary as per availability



Audio-Technica - AT897
Neumann - KMR 81i
Sanken - CS-1
Schoeps-CCMC6 Microphone Preamp
Sennheiser -MKH416 / MKH415
Sennheiser -MKH418S
Sennheiser -MKH60
Sennheiser -ME66



Windshield Protection System

Reduces the wind noise without interfering with the desired

The supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose.